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#10 Reviewing General Conference October 2015

Out in Zion commentators review the recently held LDS Semi-Annual General Conference, including the calling of new apostles and the address by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “Behold Thy Mother”. Newly-called apostle Elder Ronald A. Rasband delivered a devotional address at BYU on September 15, 2015, entitled “Religious Freedom and Fairness for All” touching on the the topic of balancing LGBT desires for fairness and equality with the rights of religious people to speak freely and participate in the political process. He introduced his remarks to his millennial audience saying, “I suspect that for some of you the phrase ‘religious freedom’ feels more like ‘freedom to discriminate.'” Elder Holland, in his address described the situation of a young gay man, worthy in all respects to serve a mission, feeling that he needed to return home and the circumstances following his return for himself and his family, particularly his mother. The commentators describe the very positive aspects of Elder Holland’s portrayal as well as the cautions about how some listeners might have received the message.

Contributors: Tom, Erika, Meagan, Jonathan
Music by Micah Dahl Anderson

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