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Understanding Same-Gender Attraction (USGA) is an unofficial group of Brigham Young University students, faculty and guests who wish to strengthen families and the BYU community by providing a place for open, respectful discussions on the topic of same-gender attraction and LGBTQ issues. They also invite LDS Institute students from across the Wasatch front. USGA is a safe place for all, not an appropriate forum for angry, vulgar, or profane remarks of any kind, nor for expressions of antagonism against any person or organization. In order to foster an environment of respect and understanding, they ask all participants to be mindful of USGA’s political neutrality, and ask all participants to be respectful of BYU, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the beliefs and experiences of others. Above all, USGA supports BYU students in upholding the Honor Code, and invite guests to do so as well while in attendance at USGA events. USGA meets weekly on Thursdays, 7:00pm, in Room 201 of the Provo Library, outside of any sponsorship, endorsement, or support by BYU.

Contributor: Kendall
Special guests:  Addison Jenkins, Gina Darata, JD Goates

Music by Micah Dahl Anderson


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