What is faithful questioning? How do we question the policies and leaders of the LDS Church in good faith? This episode is inspired by President Nelson’s words in his address to Young Adults on January 10, referring to the process by which the Nov 5 Church Handbook of Instructions policy changes came into existence, “Revelation from the Lord to His servants is a sacred process. And so is your privilege of receiving personal revelation.” In this episode we attempt to delve deeper into how prayer and revelation work in the Church by sharing further details about how the policy changes came to be. Based on interviews with a number of people who were close to the circumstances, the picture that emerges – in our view – may be helpful to those seeking to better understand the process of continuing revelation.  Our discussion is not an attempt to challenge claims of divine authority, it is an attempt to faithfully question by expanding the details of the story that has been shared thus far.


Contributor Bios:  Berta, Kendall, Roni Jo, Erika 

Music by Micah Dahl Anderson

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