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Can a transgender member really feel the Spirit at church if they are asked by their leader to present as a gender that does not align with their gender identity? Can a Bishop endorse a trans-female attending the ward’s Relief Society meetings? What counsel is given to Bishops and Stake Presidents for ministering to the needs of their transgender congregants? What is the current teaching on how local leaders should accommodate the needs of the transgender members? What has been said in leadership meetings with general authorities regarding members’ gender expression aligning with their gender identity? Guest contributors Augustus Crosby, Ann Pack, Kyle Merkley and Neca Allgood share their experiences – both the challenges and the opportunities – of working with local ecclesiastical leaders. They share their own very personal feelings and encounters as well as their understandings of how their leaders are being trained to address these questions.  


Guest Contributors: Augustus Crosby, Ann Pack, Kyle Merkley, Neca Allgood
Contributor Bio:  Kendall
Music by Micah Dahl Anderson

Augustus Crosby is a 19 year old active transgender Mormon. He went to BYU and later transfered to ASU to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. In his spare time he likes to create videos on his YouTube channel, volunteer with ALL Arizona, hang out with friends, and help educate the world in anyway he can on transgender issues.

Ann Pack is a transgender woman who has lived in Utah her whole life. She served a mission in London, England and married her spouse Brigit in the Bountiful temple. Together they have a beautiful daughter who is 11 years old.

Neca Allgood is a wife and mother of three. Her middle child, Grayson Moore, is FTM transgender.  Neca is one of the founding Mama Dragons; she also serves on the board of Affirmation-LGBTQIA/SSA Mormons, Family and Friends. Neca has a PhD in Molecular Biology. She currently serves as her ward’s Relief Society Compassionate Service Leader.

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