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The experience of straight-woman/gay-man relationships from the perspective of the women in the relationship is a lesser known aspect of what it means to be “out in Zion.” More and more, in the Mormon community, we are hearing from women who are married to gay men, but often those voices are tempered or even silenced by the voices and needs of their gay spouse. And even less often do we hear about what it is like for women in the process of building intimate relationships with gay men. How do they come to find themselves attracted to gay men?  What is their experience as they build relationships with gay men? What is their narrative? On this episode, podcast regular contributor Kendall Wilcox talks with “Anne,” a double PhD candidate in Communications and Anthropology, mother of four, and wife of a man who has experienced same sex attraction. Having been in relationships with at least 5 gay men, Anne shares what that experience can look like for some LDS women and what cultural norms and expectations might be at play in forming these types of relationships.

Music by Micah Dahl Anderson


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