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What is is like for a parent or family member to watch their loved one struggle with suicide? So often we hear from family members of people who die from suicide after the fact and the family is often left wondering why and how their gay daughter or son got to such a dark place. On this episode we hear from podcast regular Roni Jo Draper about her experiences of witnessing her son deal with suicidality. Roni Jo got a rare and as she puts it “terrifying opportunity” to sit with her gay son in many of those dark moments because of a deal she had made with her son that he would call her for one last conversation. Roni Jo shares her unique perspective on how she tries to encourage all her sons to thrive while also honoring their unique pains. Several segments of this conversation are drawn from two blogposts written by Roni Jo: “A THANK-YOU NOTE TO MY SON FOR LIVING” and “FAMILY PROCLAMATION

Music by Micah Dahl Anderson

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