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Is there value in being openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in LDS congregations? Why do some members discourage it while others strongly advocate for it? As more and more members of the Church come out and share their sexual orientation and gender identity with their fellow saints, many unique challenges and opportunities emerge. Some members are uncomfortable with the idea of LGBT members being open about their sexual or gender identities because they believe members should not identify as anything other than children of God and disciples of Christ. Other members look to research indicating the many positive consequences on the overall well-being of LGBT members as they are open about sexual orientation and gender identity. Having been a gay Mormon both inside and outside of the “closet,” podcast regular Tom Christofferson has a unique perspective on these questions. Since returning to the Church a few years ago, Tom has increased in visibility in the LDS Church community by giving talks and firesides around the country where he has shared his own experiences and beliefs about what it means to him to be “out in Zion.” Part of those experiences  have led him to firmly believe that being open and honest about who he is in both his family and Church, has enabled him to thrive as a gay Mormon.

Portions of this conversation reference Tom’s talks and blog posts: “A North and South Heart” and “In That Quest, All Are Needed and Wanted

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