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What does the process of self identifying as a transgender member of the LDS Church look like, for both the transgender member and their loved ones?  What are the hurdles and opportunities in establishing individual identity narratives in the context of a faith community that prescribes a very specific narrative for every child of God? How do the layers of labels we use help us better communicate about who we are, while at the same time impede us from better understanding one another? In response to the blogpost, “Can we disagree about ‘who we are’…without becoming enemies?” by Jacob Hess, the author and podcast regulars Ann Pack, Kyle Merkley, and Beck Burtenshaw Richins Miller tackle these tough questions and more. Together they address concerns in the Mormon community around the potential for identifiers such as transgender or gay to take over as members’ primary identifier, over and above “child of God” or “disciple of Christ.” They ask whether or not we can use language favored in the gospel context without pathologizing the trans experience and how we can be open-ended in the way we understand ourselves and allow ourselves to evolve into whomever we truly are?

Theme music by Micah Dahl Anderson

Additional music: Zoe KeatingSolomon Grey, and Arvo Pärt


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