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What is it like to make your wedding plans while also making plans for your own excommunication? How does that tension impact you individually and as a couple? And how does it impact your relationship with the LDS Church? How do you cope with the stress of planning a wedding with the prospect of being labeled an “apostate” hanging over your head? In 2015, Kathleen and Celeste found themselves in a unique and tumultuous situation. They had fallen in love and were engaged to be married while actively participating in their ward and stake. Their Stake President had initiated an LGBT outreach effort and had welcomed many LGBT inactive or former members back to church. Yet even with this historic effort of inclusion that they themselves helped carry out, Celeste and Kathleen were met with confusing and painful opposition to their wedding plans. And then the November 5 Church Handbook of Instructions policy changes were announced and things became far more severe for both of them.

NOTE: This episode details experiences of depression, self-harm, and suicidality.

Theme music by Micah Dahl Anderson

Additional music: Zoe KeatingBroods

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