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Over the last few decades, a common fixture in the lives of many gay Mormons has been the weekly LDS Family Services sponsored group-meetings for members of the Church who “experience same sex attraction.” After coming out at 18, Geoffrey’s parents consulted with their Bishop and received a referral for Geoffrey to attend just such a meeting in their Stake center in Portland, Oregon. There he met Jon and the two of them quickly bonded over their shared challenges, tragedies, and the inescapable humor of their experiences in the group. Often sworn to secrecy or at least polite confidentiality, members who participate in these groups rarely speak about them outside private circles. But with equal parts vulnerable honesty and thoughtful humor, Geoffrey and Jon share how their experiences in their group meetings were at once bizarre and healing. Their look back on their time in the group is a reminder that sometimes humor is the best thing to help us get through the toughest moments in life.

NOTE: candid and humorous references to sexual intimacy and addictive sexual behavior are made in various parts of the episode.

Theme music by Micah Dahl Anderson

Additional music: Micah Dahl Anderson, Cloud Cult, Sia, Yolanda Be Cool

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