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In the most recent General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Patrick Kearon gave a stirring address entitled “Refuge from the Storm.” His words filled with compassion, urged Latter-day Saints to “come out from our safe places,” and to give aid to the world’s refugees; sharing a “love that sees beyond cultural and ideological differences to the glorious truth that we are all children of God.” In this podcast, we explore how Elder Kearon’s message might also be applied to our LGBT Mormon brothers and sisters, as we are joined by Bryce Cook to discuss his recent blog post: “Refugees of our own making.” Bryce is the father of six children, including two gay sons, and a founding member of the ALL (Arizona LDS LGBT) Friends & Family organization. Also contributing to the discussion are podcast regulars Laura, Erika, Lisa and Berta — along with her wife Kathy Carlston.

Theme music by Micah Dahl Anderson

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