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What are the best approaches to therapy when an individual is experiencing distress at the intersection of their sexual orientation and religion? In this episode, expert Psychologist, Dr. Lee Beckstead, joins the conversation to discuss the Affirming Multi-cultural Approach to Therapy recommended by the American Psychological Association. Also contributing to the discussion are podcast regulars and mental health professionals: Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen, Josh Weed and Laura Dulin.

Dr. Lee Beckstead is a psychologist in private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. His research focused on understanding the benefits and harms of trying to change one’s sexual orientation. His clinical work has focused on helping others resolve sexual orientation, religious, and social conflicts. He was part of on the American Psychological Association’s Task Force from 2007-2009 to evaluate research on changing sexual orientation and make therapeutic recommendations. He is also a member of the Reconciliation & Growth Project (

Click for an example of the “Beckstead Scale” referenced in the episode.

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