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On October 25, 2016 the LDS Church launched a new website MORMONANDGAY.LDS.ORG or maybe more precisely revamped the previous “Mormons and Gays” site. This new site doesn’t alter church doctrine, which forbids same-sex relationships. But it offers a more welcoming message from Church leaders, highlighting the stories of gay and lesbian Mormons who have struggled to reconcile their sexual attractions with their faith, and directing Mormons to love gay, lesbian, and bisexual family and fellow church members. Neca Allgood leads a discussion with podcast regulars Laura Dulin, Kendall Wilcox, Berta Marquez and Jonathan Manwaring in an analysis of the new site and its potential impact on the lives of LGB Mormons and their loved ones.

Theme music by Micah Dahl Anderson

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