We have an anniversary to celebrate. We’ve been bringing you Out in Zion for over a year now. And we’re so glad and thankful you’ve come along with us. We’ve learned a lot about what you like…and about what we like. And we like stories. Lots of them. Complex and beautiful and entertaining and moving stories that show us new ways of seeing the intersection of sexuality, gender identity and the church. So we think it’s time to double down on that with a stream of ambitious new episodes full of stories mixed with expert insights. So here’s a sneak-peek…We’ll have moments of discovery… Moments of lives changed… Moments of shocking coincidence… And as always, we’ll give you ways to rethink the challenges we all face, no matter who we are…. And as you may or may not know – so far, this podcast has been produced by a team of volunteers – and financially supported by a single donor – covering the very basic costs – we’re talking web hosting costs and some recording equipment. And we’re grateful for that. But in order to produce this new kind of story-rich podcast, we have to change things up a bit by making this a listener-supported podcast. You know, like most other podcasts. And for that, we need you. At the top of this page you’ll see a donate button. Go ahead and click it and share whatever you can, to help make this podcast a reality. Even two dollars, once a month, like the costs of a drink at a gas station, will make a world of difference. So, thank you. And be sure to join us for the upcoming season of Out in Zion.

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